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Request to Speak to Council ( How to request a delegation)


Municipal Council 2022 - 2026

Reeve: James Gibson
Councillors: Rick Neilson, Trish Neilson, Philip Schram, Ken Wilson


Past Council 2018-2022

Reeve: Rilla Race
Councillor - Ward 1: Ken Wilson
Ward One includes - Roseberry Township, Shenston Township, and the Long Sault Township
Councillor - Ward 2: Philip Schram
Ward Two includes - Barwick Township, and Dobie Township
Councillor - Ward 3: James Gibson
Ward Three includes - Mather Township, and Tait Township
Councillor - Ward 4: Rick Neilson
Ward Four includes - Potts Township, and Richardson Township                                                    
December 2019 Council