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Water Treatment Facilities

Chapple’s water and sewer treatment facilities are operated by the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). In case of a water/sewer emergency, please contact:

Mike (807) 271-1602

Complaint Form – Water Treatment Plant

Form – Application for Water and Sewer Services


2022 Hydrogeological Study – Chapple Well System

2022 Chapple Water and Wastewater System Financial Plan

2022 Revised Performance Report – Barwick Wastewater Lagoon

Annual Drinking Water Reports

2022 Section 11 Annual Report

2021 Section 11 Annual Report

2020 Section 11 Annual Report

2019 Section 11 Annual Report

2018 Section 11 Annual Report

2022 Schedule 22 Annual Report

2021 Schedule 22 Annual Report

2020 Schedule 22 Annual Report

2019 Schedule 22 Annual Report

The Municipality of Chapple has approved and implemented the Drinking Water Quality Management System Operational Plan for the Village of Barwick. Copies of Chapple’s QEMS Policy are available at the Water Treatment Plant. OCWA’s QEMS Policy can be found on their website.

Additional reports can be obtained by contacting the Chapple Municipal Office.

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