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Official Plan

In 2013, the Township of Chapple undertook the revision of the  Official Plan. As a result of many hours of work by the Township Council, the Planning Advisory Committee and the staff the Official Plan received approval from the Minister of Municipal Affairs & Housing in September 2013. The next Official Plan update is scheduled for 2023, with an estimated completion date of 2024. Further information regarding Official Plan updates, and any associated public meetings or information sessions will be posted to Chapple’s website.

Official Plan Objectives

The goals and objectives of this Plan form the foundation of planning principles and provide direction to guide future development and provide direction for the preparation of detailed policies and programs. The goals reflect the present and future needs and values of the Township and the residents of the Township.

  1. The goals of this Official Plan are to:
    • maintain and enhance the quality of life in the Township;
    • provide opportunities for growth and appropriate development;
    • establish policies which manage and direct physical change and the effects on the social, economic and natural environment, of the Township, over the next twenty (20)years;
    • secure the health, safety, convenience and welfare of its residents;
    • ensure the Township’s resources are rationally used and both the natural and cultural heritage resources are protected;
    • provide policies which will encourage the expansion and diversification of the local economic base;
    • provide policies that guide development that is environmentally compatible and supports sustainable development;
    • inform the residents of the Township of Chapple of the policies that affect the development of land;
    • to ensure the preservation of agricultural activities and agricultural land where they presently exist;
    • provide a guiding framework for implementing by-laws and for decisions of local boards, commissions, committees and other authorities; and
    • provide polices that are consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement based on local conditions and circumstances.

The Township of Chapple is located within the Rainy River District in Northwestern Ontario and is comprised of nine (9) geographic townships including:

  • Barwick
  • Dobie
  • Mather
  • Tait
  • Long Sault
  • Roseberry
  • Shenston
  • Potts
  • Richardson

This document contains land use policies in the following designations:

  • Rural
  • Agricultural
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Aggregate Extraction Area
  • Mining Sites
  • Waste Disposal
  • Open Space
  • Conservation and Environmental Protection

For general inquiries on the planning documents or for inquiries on an application for consent, Official Plan Amendment, Zoning Amendment, or other development application, contact the Planning Department, at the Township Offices at 807-487-2354, or email cao@new.chapple.on.ca.

Final Official Plan – Township of Chapple 

Official Plan Amendment Application

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