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Building Permits


For information on construction of a new building, the demolition of a building, or installing a garage, shed, deck or pool, contact:

Henry Van Ael, Chief Building Official

  • Phone: (807) 487-2354 ext 4
  • Cell: (807) 276-0473
  • Email: ambiscbo@gmail.com

Building and/or Development Permits

All building activity within the Township of Chapple is governed by the Ontario Building Code Regulations, and regulated by Chapple’s Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw. Building Permits are valid for one year from the date of issuance.


The Township of Chapple charges a fee of $450 for each new lot proposed to be created. The fee is payable to the Township and must accompany the application. Your application may require rezoning of the property or an Official Plan amendment. Please check with the municipality to determine costs relating to these procedures. The Township of Chapple does not complete severance applications. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit a properly completed application.

Consent to Sever Application

Permit Fees

2024 Building & Development Fees – By-Law 1826 Schedule A

Permit fees are based on construction costs or on a square foot basis. The penalty for building without a permit is the greater of $250 or 20% of the Building Permit Fee.

Fees are approximately 0.01 of estimated construction value, subject to minimum below:

  • Permit Fee: minimum $70.00
  • Demolition Fee: minimum $70.00
  • Swimming Pool Permit Fee: minimum $70.00
  • Base Fee for first $1,000.00 of Value: $70.00
  • Each Additional $1,000.00 of Value or part thereof: $10.00

Building Codes & Permits Information Sheet
When You Need a Building Permit
Required Drawings for Additions, Foundations, Renovations, & Demolitions.
Download a Building/Demolition Permit Forms
Energy Efficiency Design Summary
Required Drawings, Information and Notices For Garages, Sheds & Carports
Accessory Buildings & Detached Garages
Construction Requirements for Exterior Decks & Design Statements
Form 357 or 358 – Request for Adjustment of Taxes
Health and Safety Law for Construction Projects
Pool Fence Permit – Application Guidelines (By-Law 1745) and Pool Fence Permit Application
Drowning Prevention – Pool Fencing Diagrams

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