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NEW! (effective July 14, 2020) "Pool Fences By-Law"

"... Whereas
the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Chapple deems it to be in the public interest to regulate the fencing and enclosure of privately-owned outdoor pools in the township for the purpose of protecting the health, safety and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Township of Chapple."

Please read, review and complete application attached to By-Law #1745 before installing a pool on your property. 

(7) "Pool" shall mean any privately-owned body of water, which is: 

a) located outdoors;

b) wholly or partially contained by artificial means;

c) capable of holding water in excess of sixty-one (61) centimetre at any point;

d) an open exposed water surface of at least one (1) square metre and includes a landscape/decorative pond meeting the above criteria, but for the purposes of this by-law does not include a:

i) pond or resevoir to be utilized for farming purpose or as part of a golf course, 

ii) pool owned by any public or governmental body, agency or authority, 

iii) natural body of water or stream,

iv) publically or privately owned sotrm water management pond, 

v) hot tub. 

By-Law #1745 To Regulate Enclosures Around Privately-owned Pools in the Township of Chapple



The Municipality of Chapple is responsible for the formulation, and implementation of the planning and development policies as they relate to the land use in the Municipality of Chapple. The municipality is also responsible for the implementation and administration of the regulations relating to construction and the issuance and administration of building permits to ensure compliance to regulation and protection to the residents of the Municipality of Chapple.


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