Building Permits

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The Township of Chapple requires building permits on the construction of new buildings.

Building With A Permit Fee is the greater of $250 or 20% of Building Permit Fee

All building activity within the Township is governed by the Ontario Building Code Regulations.

Municipal building permits are required for most construction activity. Contact the municipal office for any questions to this regard.

Permit fees are based on construction costs or on a square foot basis.

Fees are approximately 0.008% of construction costs subject to the following:
     Permit Fee: minimum $62.50
     Demolition Fee: minimum $62.50
     Swimming Pool Permit Fee: minimum $62.50
     Base Fee for first $1,000.00 of Value: $62.50
     Each Additional $1,000.00 of Value or part therof: $8.00

Buildings are also regulated by Chapple’s Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-law.

For information on construction of a new building, the demolition of a building, or installing a pool contact Henry VanAel, Chief Building Official at 807-487-2354 ext 4 or

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Please note that there is now a $200 Fine for anyone that is building without a Building Permit.