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All roads related items are looked after by TBA.

For Contaminated Material or Spills, the Emergency Contact for the Shenston and Richardson Landfill, is Charlie Loveday, Public Works Superintendent.
Please contact Charlie's cell at (807) 276-1653.

For after hour’s emergency reporting of municipal road conditions, please contact Charlie Loveday at (807)276-1653.



By-law #1476 - Entrance Permits and Permit Application



2022-2023 Snowplowing Agreement Form - Property Owner

2021-2022 Snowplow Agreement Form - Renter

Credit Application Form - New User

To have your laneway plowed, you must have a signed Agreement Form in to the municipality before services will commemnce. The municipality will NOT accept phone calls for consent to plow on the land owners property.

The 2021/2022 Snowplow Rate is $31.25 per visit.

Snowplow Agreement Forms - Renters accounts must pre-pay $62.50 (the equivalent of two trips in to plow your laneway) and an additional pre-payment on account is required as the pre-paid balance is used for each time the municipality snowplows your laneway.

The municipality only provides Snowplow Services to Rural residents. All applications are to be approved by the Public Works Superintendent to ensure that the location requesting to be plowed will not damage our equipment.

All snowplowing will take place on the Roads Crew regular routes. Any special call outs for snowplowing, will be billed out at $125/hour. This starts from the time the machinery leaves the municipal yard and ends once it returns to the municipal yard.



Chapple Central Road Map

Chapple North Road Map

Chapple South Road Map