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By-law to Dissolve Ward Boundaries


By-law to Dissolve Township of Chapple Ward Boundaries

At its meeting of April 13, 2021 Council passed By-law 1758 being a by-law to dissolve the ‘Ward System of Electoral Representation’ for the Corporation of the Township of Chapple, and Institute an ‘At-Large System of Electoral Representation’.

The Ward System will be eliminated in the Township of Chapple.

What does this mean for residents?

Under the Township’s current Ward Boundary Electoral Structure there are four (4) wards with five (5) members of Council elected as follows

·       Reeve – elected at large
·       Councillor Ward 1 – elected by ward
·       Councillor Ward 2 – elected by ward
·       Councillor Ward 3 – elected by ward
·       Councillor Ward 4 – elected by ward

At-Large Elections

For the 2022 Municipal Election, all Council members will be elected by a general vote as is the current practice for the Reeve

·       Reeve – elected at large
·       Councillors (4) – elected at large

Once Council for the 2022 – 2026 term has been inaugurated, the new At-Large System of Electoral Representation will come into effect.

Take Notice – Pursuant to Subsection 222(4) of the Municipal Act, 2001, any person or agency may appeal within 45 days of the passing of the by-law to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal in respect of the by-law by filing with the Clerk of the Corporation of the Township of Chapple a notice of appeal setting out the objections to the by-law and the reasons in support of the objections. This notice of appeal must be accompanied by a certified cheque or money order in the amount of $ 1,100.00 made payable to the Minister of Finance.

Any notice of appeal must be filed with the Clerk’s Office of the Township of Chapple, at 54 Barwick Road, Barwick, ON P0W 1A0, not later than 4:00 p.m. on the 31st day of May, 2021. 

Additional information regarding By-law 1758 may be obtained from Peggy Johnson, CAO/Clerk Treasurer at (807) 487-2354.

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