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Welcome to the Township of Chapple

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation Recreation Project #2023-01 Chapple Recreation Washroom Facilities

More information can be found HERE



More information can be found at the link below:


Come check out the NEW skating rink
the ice is in and ready for some winter fun
The lights are on a timer from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. &
the skating shack is heated and comfy

Changes to “User Fee” By-Law click to review.

Copy of By-Law 1804 and full schedule of fees can be found under the ByLaw


Residents are reminded that no person shall discharge or deposit or cause or permit the discharge or deposit of storm water, water from drainage of roofs or land, or from a water course or from uncontaminated water into any sanitary sewer. 


You can find Fitness Center Application and Waiver forms or to review the rules see attached link: Fitness Centre

Do you have concerns about your water?

Please contact the office with ALL concerns or complaints about the water in your home.
We want to trace and follow up with all issues that you may have.

Complete the Barwick Community Complaints Form and drop off at the office, email to cao@chapple.on.ca or fax 487-2406

2023 Interim Property Taxes 

Interim Tax bills are due Friday, March 31, 2023
Payments can be made by:
Cash or cheque dropped off through the envelope slot on main entrance door; 
By cheque mailed to PO Box 4, Barwick ON P0W 1A0;
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
E-transfer through your online banking to cao@chapple.on.ca
use the password CHAPPLE
Link-up payment through CIBC bill payment options;
by using the E-Payment option located at the top of this page


As a property owner, you will receive notices from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) about your property’s assessed value. If you own a property in The Corporation of the Township of Chapple but want to receive all your notices at a different mailing address, you can easily update your information with MPAC. Visit mpac.ca to change your mailing address online. 

Latest Updates
Check out the Lastest Updates on the following pages:

Township Council – Civicweb Portal, By-laws, Minutes, Municipal Notices, Finance, Tenders, Tax Sales

Community – History, Newsletters 
Services & Facilities – Accessibility, Landfill, Water Treatment Facilities, Transportation, Emergency Services, Fire DepartmentFitness Centre
Planning & Building – Building Permits and Zoning By-law  
Drowning Prevention – Pool Fencing Diagrams

* What You Need to Know to Help You and Your Family Stay Healthy – Province of Ontario

A reminder to be careful what you flush

Wet wipes, paper towels and facial tissue can clog pipes

We recognize that many residents may be increasing their use of disinfectant wipes, paper towels and facial tissues in response to COVID-19. 

We would like to remind residents not to flush wet wipes of any kind. Despite what some packaging says, wipes are not flushable. Paper towels and facial tissues also do not belong in the toilet. These items cannot be flushed because they do not break down like toilet paper does. 

If wipes, paper towels and facial tissues are flushed, they can cause blockages in pipes – which may lead to sewage overflows in your home or business. 

Further down the line, these items can clog sewers and cause sewage overflows into streets and the natural environment. They can also cause costly damage to local wastewater infrastructure. 

The only things that should be flushed are the 3Ps: Pee, Poo & (toilet) Paper. No exceptions. Please put used wipes, facial tissues and paper towels in the garbage. 

Thank you for working with us to keep our community’s pipes and sewers clear and our wastewater infrastructure functioning smoothly. 

If you have any questions, please contact Chapple Municipal Office, Peggy Johnson, (807) 487-2354 or cao@chapple.on.ca.

— A message from the Township of Chapple in partnership with our wastewater operator, the Ontario Clean Water Agency

In case of a Water or Sewer Emergency in the Village
Please Contact:

 Kyle Gibbs (807)271-4774 or Geoff Pearce (807) 271-6249

Community Policing
Community Policing Office opens in Chapple Township

Located within the Community Hall at 140 Main Street, Barwick
This office will not be open to the public for unscheduled drop-ins, it will be available to support access to OPP programming, scheduled meetings, investigative support and policing operations. 

For full press release see link below. 

Helping to build a future where full cardiovascular surgery will be available in

Northwestern Ontario…

Council picture for Cardiovascular program donation

In June 2019 The Township of Chapple made the following commitment to the Cardiovascular Surgery Program/Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation:

$5,000.00 for the next 5 years

2019 – $5,000.00
2020 – $5,000.00
2021 – $5,000.00
2022 – $5,000.00
2023 – $5,000.00

RRDMA picture
Rainy River District Municipal Association

$10,000.00 donation to the Cardiovascular Surgery Program

BE PREPARED – Make sure you have a 72 HOUR PREPAREDNESS KIT. For more information watch this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKJ4gwcDI6w

For Contaminated Material or Spills, the Emergency Contact for the Shenston and Richardson Landfill, is Charlie Loveday – Public Works Superintendent. Please contact Charlie’s cell at (807) 276-1653

For after hour’s emergency reporting of municipal road conditions, please contact Charlie Loveday (807) 276-1653.

The Chapple Centennial R.V. Park located at 150 Main Street, Barwick (beside the Barwick Hall) for more information, go to Attractions – Chapple Centennial RV Park

The Municipal Livestock Valuer’s are

Harold Kelly (807)482-1431 or (807) 271-2510
Gary Sliworsky (807) 482-1570

If you have livestock damages that have taken place, please contact the Livestock Valuer’s listed above.

To have a VALID Livestock Damages Claim you need a Farm Business Registration # and a Premise I.D.

DO NOT MOVE THE REMAINS before the Valuer can view the scene

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