Fire Department

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BE PREPARED - Make sure you have a 72 HOUR PREPAREDNESS KIT. For more information watch this video -




To get a Burn Permit, go to Chapple and you can purchase a Burn Permit online. Residents an also come into the Municipal Office to purchase a Burn Permit.

By- law 1706  Regulate Open Air Burning in the Township of Chapple - Effective May 14, 2019

Open Air Burning Fire Hazard Poster

Hazard Ratings - Check Before Burning @
Low: Burning Permitted - Permit Required
Moderate: Burning Permitted - Requires Additional Caution - Permit Required
High:Dangerous Conditions - Open - Air Burning Restricted. Exception: Campfires as described in the Open-Air Burning By-law
Extreme: Total Fire Ban. NO FIRES PERMITTED.

You are responsible for fires you light, meaning responsibility for any costs in response/damages is yours.




November 28, 2017
Fire Underwriter Survey recently completed an assessment of the Township of Chapple's fire defenses for the primary purpose of Fire Insurance grading and classification.

With the assessment it was determined that the Dwelling Protection Grades and Commercial Grades (Public Fire Protection Classification) have improved.
The village is now recognizes as a Hydrant Protected Area/Fire Hall Protected Area and the south east boundary of the municipality is now covered by an
Automatic Aid Agreement.

Residents in these arease are urged to contact their insurance broker to determine if they are eligible for a lower premium on their insurance policies.

Commerical Lines Insurance - Public Fire Protection Classification

Personal Lines Insurance - Dwelling Protection Grades