Emergency Services

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Emergency Management Plan - Public Copy - November 19, 2021


BE PREPARED - Make sure you have a 72 HOUR PREPAREDNESS KIT. For more information watch this video -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKJ4gwcDI6w


Chapple Central Road Map
Chapple North Road Map
Chapple South Road Map

Village of Barwick Map

Fire Protection

Fire Chief Tyrell Griffith
Deputy Fire Chief Abe Eberly
Emergency Number 911
Volunteer 15 members
Equipment 4 fire trucks, one extrication kit


Check out the Fire Department's Page by clicking here!

Barwick is equipped with fire hydrants in the village. Mutual aid is in effect.




Ontario Provincial Police - call 911 for emergencies.

AMBULANCE Hospitals - located in the village of Emo and theTown of Fort Frances.

In case of Emergencies call 911.

Emergency Management of Ontario

72 Hours - Is Your Family Ready? Emergencies can happen at anytime and occure anywhere, sometimes without much warning. An emergency can force you to evacuate your neighbourhood or confine you to your home or workplace. It can leave you without basic services such as wter, gas, electricity or a working telephone. Are you prepared?

For information on getting prepared for an emergency go to www.emergencymanagementontario.ca or www.getprepared.ca.

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