Welcome to the Township of Chapple

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Next Council Meeting is
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Starting at 9:00 a.m. in
the Municipal Office

Fire Permits

Annual Requirement
January 1-December 31

Fire Permits are required for all burning in the Municipality of Chapple Incinerator Permits - $20/season

  •    Open Air Burning Permits $5/week.

  •   Chimemea Burn Permits - $10/year

  •   Approved Fire Pit Permit - $10/year

As per By-law No. 1621 passed on
December 13, 2016, burning is to occure no sooner than two (2) hours before sunset and extinguished two (2) hours before sunrise, or earlier.

Burning permits can be obtained at:

Chapple Municipal Office 

(807) 487-2354

Janet Johnson

(807) 482-2570

James Gibson

(807) 487-2731



Hazard Ratings - Check Before Burning

Low: Burning Permitted - Permit Required
Moderate: Burning Permitted - Requires Additional Caution - Permit Required
High: Dangerous Conditions - Open-Air Burning Restricted.
Exception: Campfires as described in the Open-Air Burning By-law.
Extreme: Total Fire Ban. No Fires Permitted.

You are responsible for fires you light, meaning responsibility for any costs in response/damages is yours.

Open Air Burning Hazard Poster

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Rainy RIver District Mutual Aid Association
2019 Cash Calendars
Cost: $30 per calendar
2,000 Calendars Printed
399 Chances to Win
$23,950 in Cash Prizes
Lottery License No. M795867
As any local Fire Rescure Service to purchase a Calendar!

Council & Staff wishes everyone a

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

The Municipal Office will be
December 24th to January 1st
We will return to Regular Office Hours on
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

The Landfill hours will be:

CLOSED December 24th - December 29th
OPEN December 31st
CLOSED January 1st
We will return to regular hours on Wednesday, January 2nd


CLOSED December 28th & 29th
We will return to regular hours on Friday, January 4th, 2019

No Village garbage pick-up during the week of December 24th -28th
Village garbage pick-up resumes on Wednesday, January 2nd

Please check out Township of Chapple/Employment Tab
for information on the following Employment Opportunity




To address all deficienies and to provide improved levels of traffic service and overall safety, the
Township of Chapple has identified that complete replacement of Ahrens Bridge is the preferred alternative.

The above project is being planned under Schedule B of the Municipal Class Environment
Assessment. Subject to comments received as a result of this Notice, the Township intends to obtain
the necessary approvals and proceed with the design and construction of this project to be completed late 2019.

To obtain a copy of the Project File or to comment on this project, please contact:

Allan Garnham, P. Eng.                                     or                                                Peggy Johnson,
Project Manager                                                                                           CAO/Clerk Treasurer
K. Smart Associated Limited                                                                         Township of Chapple
85 McIntyre Drive                                                                                                         P.O. Box 4
Kitchener, ON     N2R 1H6                                                                        Barwick, ON   P0W 1A0

Phone: 519-748-1199 Ext. 246                                                 Phone: 807-487-2354 Ext. 223
Fax: 519-748-6100                                                                                     Fax: 807-487-2406
agarnham@ksmart.ca                                                                               chapple@tbayte.net

Interested persons should provide written comment to the Township on the proposal within 45 calendar days
from the date of this Notice. Comments should be addressed to the CAO/Clerk-Treasurer noted above.

If concers arise regarding this project, which cannot be resolved in discussion with the Township, a person
or party may request the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to order a Environmental Assessment process
(referred to as a Part II Order). Reasons must be provided for the request. Requests must be received by the Minister within 45 calendar days of the Notice. A copy of the request, must also be sent to the Township. If there are no requests received by February 1, 2019, the bridge structure will proceed to design and construction as presented.
           The Ministry/Minister of Environment and Climate Change
           77 Wellesley St West, 11th Floor
           Toronto, ON    M7A 2T5

This Notice is issued December 14, 2018.

Allan Garnham, P Eng.
K. Smart Associates Limited


 BE PREPARED - Make sure you have a 72 HOUR PREPAREDNESS KIT. For more information watch this video -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKJ4gwcDI6w


For Contaminated Material or Spills, the Emergency Contact for the Shenston and Richardson Landfill, is Randy Both, Public Works Superintendent. Please contact Randy’s cell at (807)275-7652.


For after hour’s emergency reporting of municipal road conditions, please contact Randy Both, Public Works Superintendent at (807)275-7652.


The 2018 Emergency Management Exercise was completed based on the
scenario of a winter power outage.
Questions from the exercise include:
1) How many residents would have an alternative source of heat?
2) Are there residents within our community that would require assistance?

The municipality would appreciate feedback.
The more information we have, the better we will be prepared!


The Township of Chapple is very pleased to announce that funding in the
amount of $894,768.00 has been approved through the Ontario Community
Infrastructure Fund for improvements to the municipality's bridges system. With this funding, the Ahrens Bridge, which is located on Sturgeon Creek Road, will
be replaced and the road approaches rebuilt. With increased traffic and economic
growth, this funding has come at a very opportune time. Thank you to the
Province of Ontario and their commitment to build and upgrade vital local infrastructure in Northern and rural communities across Ontario.


Working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
should be installed on every level of your home
and outside of all sleeping quarters.


The Chapple Centennial R.V. Park located at 53 Barwick Rd. North has been permanently CLOSED and
MOVED to 150 Main Street, Barwick
(beside the Barwick Hall)

for more information, go to Attractions - Chapple Centennial RV Park

The Municipal Livestock Valuer's are

Robert Gibson (807) 487-2643
Nico Veldhuisen (807) 482-2593 or (807) 276-6860
Harold Kelly (807)482-1431 or (807) 271-2510

If you have a wolfkill that has taken place, please contact the Livestock Valuer's listed above.

To have a VALID Livestock Damages Claim you need a
Farm Business Registration #, and a Premise I.D.

DO NOT MOVE THE REMAINS before the Valuer can view the scene.